Compiled by the publishers for this special publication from a lecture given by the classical composer at the medical faculty of the University of Heidelberg, the University of Tel Aviv and the University of Magdeburg, and the talks which followed on the application of the natural laws of harmony in the microcosm of music for medicine.

With the revelation of the natural laws of harmony in the microcosm of music, the listener should – consciously or unconsciously – acquire an immediate, authentic knowledge of the natural harmony of his biological life.

The last great representative of this medicinal music appreciation was the famous physician, philosopher, musicologist, and mathematician, Pythagoras.

‘If it is possible with the help of an insight into the microcosm of music to recognise the laws of harmony of our life, and, if by way of an external musical order we are able, in addition to this, to apply these natural laws of harmony to our thoughts, and still further to our biological system, allow them to take effect there, and to stabilise and activate those natural laws of harmony, already in place but weak in function, this would represent an enormous gain for the health of mankind’, he concluded.

And so Pythagoras set up a medical training facility in which he devoted himself with mathematical thoroughness to this musicological and medical task.

After him, many renowned scientists and researchers from the most diverse of scientific fields have come up with the same or similar results as Pythagoras, so keeping his hypotheses alive.






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Peter Hübner
Nature‘s Laws of Harmony
in the Microcosm of Musi

The Musicological Fundamentals of the Digital Pharmacy


Throughout history, the world’s great thinkers have assumed that those same universal laws of harmony which naturally govern the microcosm of music also determine the harmony of the natural functions in the interior world of man himself and, furthermore, accord with those laws of harmony which direct the entire course of biological evolution.

Some great scholars went even further and claimed that these universal laws of harmony, which determine the microcosm of music and biological life itself, also indeed govern the entire cosmos.

For this reason great scholars have, since ancient times, keenly supported the creation and use of music which puts into practice the natural laws of harmony in the microcosm of music and reveals these to the consciousness of the listener.

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